About Salon

Dear luxury lovers,

“Caspani-Casa” is a homeware salon  in Baden-Baden which is an official exclusive dealer of Italian  premium class furniture manufacturer  Caspani Tino Group in Germany. Caspani Tino Group produces  elite classical furniture and accessories for bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms and offices. This company guarantees high quality, reliability and authenticity of all their products labelling them with  “Caspani Tino – 100% of Made in Italy”.

Wide choice of the most refined fabrics, valuable types of wood, rich incrustation, ornamental thin carving and patina, gold and platinum, brass and copper, nacre, silk and velour, lace, embroidery, silk fringe and drapery are used by craftsmen of Caspani Tino Group for creating their classical masterpieces.

In our salon you can see furniture samples, range of fabrics, wood samples and also extensive electronic gallery of thematic objects and furniture catalogues from Signor Caspani. Samples of art of wall and floor finishing are also presented here (Venetian and decorative plaster, samples of parquets etc.).

In our showroom you can also find other famous European brands of exclusive accessories, lighting, ceramic collections  and glass, or get informed on the new and limited collections by Roberto Jovannini, Tosco Ticciati, Timon, Renzo del Ventisette, Mechini, etc.

Furniture collections of Caspani Tino embody lifestyle, emotion, colour, dream, travel in time… This is the art of know-how, creativity streaming from the heart to challenge taste standardization, time and fleeting trends. This homeware brings a particle of ancient Italian art, warmth of taste, originality and fashion into your home.

Craftsmen of Caspany factory  customize  the size of the furniture, add carved elements, satisfying the most difficult requests of the customers on the way of identity and luxury creation.